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Spiritual Coaching-

Considering spirituality holistically

An important aspect of self and growth is that of our spiritual sense of self, of our being, our holistic spiritual journey consisting of our deepest beliefs and our intuitive, felt sense of self.

During our life path the self can manifest as a myriad of being, of stages, developments and unfolding. At times this can be experienced as a turbulent aspect of life, and particularly so when triggered by life events, major change, illness or events and experiences in close relationships.

The phrase ‘The dark night of the soul’ is often used to describe deeply impactful spiritual change. For some this can be a time of chaos, overwhelm, confusion and even despair. Invariably our soul is wanting us to change, develop and grow in this phase.

Through support, insight and alongside understanding spiritual coaching can be self and life changing, often heralding pivotal and joyful change, deeper self -understanding and enhanced enchantment and rapture with life: A sense of living in the world in a different way – a sense of awe and wonder. Through this support I can help you to achieve a way of living in the world and experiencing life in ways never previously imagined.

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