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‘The Hummingbird – The healer, bringer of joy and love’

Bringing: Joy; courage; love; fearlessness; lightness of being; freedom; hope and peace

Symbols of light, nature, healers

In many global cultures and communities and specifically within Shamanic practice and guidance, the Hummingbird represents enjoyment of life, lightness of being.

They represent the need to ‘be present’ to life, to open your heart to self and others, to the natural world and the essence of life and being.

As a species they develop adaptability and resilience whilst maintaining their capacity to be playful, optimistic and joyful.

The Hummingbird is often revered and considered to be ‘enchanted’ – as living magically, as changed by magic – they are viewed as being delighted with life, captivated and fascinated by all aspects of life and living, as being entranced and enraptured with life

My own experience of Hummingbirds came delightfully and unexpectedly very early in life and has led to a life –long joy, passion and immersion in their joy and passion for life and being. The core belief that life can be lived joyfully, with freedom and thus allow our authentic self to be fully expressed is central to the therapeutic approach I offer through sessions

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