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An initial thought to ponder and reflect on -

‘Living life with joy, enchantment and ease’

‘We are all different – You have to figure out what makes you tick and what makes you happy. Start looking within, explore and discover who the best version of self-is’

‘One day you will wake up and realise there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now.’

– Paulo Coelho

Has your day arrived? Is this your moment? What might be possible if you just did it now?

'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken' - Oscar Wilde

Maslow and many alongside him, dedicated his life and focus to the idea of 'self-actualisation' - becoming more of becoming more of the essence of who we are, who we are destined to be. To fully express the heart of self, the true self: to live our gifts, passions, strengths, to truly live our gifts, passions, strengths, to truly live with joy, bliss and enchantment with life. This is often the work of a lifetime as we allow our self to heal, to release aspects of the past that no longer serve us, to increasingly step into deeper and deeper aspects and layers of self.

'Live as if you were to die tomorrow' - 'Learn as if you were to live forever' - Gandhi

** Can you allow yourself to heal, to trust, to release, to be free to be 'the self' - to be truly, deeply you?

Reading suggestion - 'Transcend; The New science of self-Actualisation - Scott Barry Kaufman


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