Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Coaching, Spiritual Coaching & Guidance


A combination therapy consisting of:


Developmental psychology

Awareness of life


Healing somatic trauma

Life coaching for all aspects of self and life

Life style, nutrition supplementation, exercise, work/life balance

Mindfulness – Developing awareness

Hypnotherapy, including self-hypnosis and deep relaxation


  • Develop self- awareness – restore your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your thoughts, life style, the past, others and society imposes or suggests is right for you
  • Be fully aware of and tuned into the mind body connection
  • Rewire your own thoughts and feelings, your brains neural pathways to create a sense of well-being, safety and happiness
  • Be aware of belief systems, ways of thinking and being that induce unhappiness and raise stress levels
  • Particularly note thoughts that lock you into fight, flight or freeze
  • Learn how to feel – be with your feelings, allow these to be, they will pass
  • Develop a core awareness of ‘BE STILL AND HEAL’ – Slow down, pause, check in
  • Develop self-care and nurturing, insist on a well-being lifestyle
  • Living for joy
  • Developing loving relationships
  • Finding meaning and purpose in your work
  • Eating for nourishment and maintaining fitness and well-being Sleeping for energy and overall health and well-being

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